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Many see a crisis in leadership. We think it's a crisis in communication. It's About Time we embrace the latest trends and platforms.


The Triangle

In any sort of production, there is an unobtainable triangle. It is made up of 3 fundamental elements: Time, Cost and Quality.

Why unobtainable? Because you can only prioritize 2 of these at a time. For example: you want high quality and low cost? Well, then it will take a lot of time. Conversely, if you want cheap and fast, quality will take a serious hit.

We know that in this day and age everything is About Time, so we are here to guarantee the timeliness element of the triangle.

It's up to you to choose the other 1.

Let's go!


Impact Change

So let's talk YOU; your aspirations to be part of the European and national story. You strive to do good and be a force multiplier in your quest to impact change, but you're painfully aware of today's challenges towards effective communication.

You appreciate that in today's world, one with a diminished tolerance to frustration and a need for instant gratification, the competition for people's attention has never been higher. You recognize that innovation is a basic requirement for succesful communication.


Our Vision

We strive to communicate Europe in a visually engaging, empathic and relatable way. Our goal? To give everyone a better understanding of an otherwise complex European political system and, above all, to promote the leaders of today and tomorrow.

At its core, About Time MMC is a start-up which offers innovative communication services focusing on European political issues and how they affect people's lives at the national and local level.



The best way to balance facts with emotions.

Once formed, impressions are remarkably perseverant. Providing people with accurate information doesn't seem to overcome their confirmation bias. Appealing to emotions may indeed work better, but is inconsistent with promoting fact driven communication. Let's strive for balance, by telling stories anchored in fact, using empathy and the power of emotions.

We provide a rich array of services. Take stakeholder outreach, where we find constituents with emotional stories worth sharing that perfectly tie into and strenghten your communication priorities. Or new concepts built from the ground up, with a proven track record for engaging the youth, such as gaming.


Our Team

We are a young team with backgrounds in politics, communication, media production, cognitive psychology and information technology, with a passion for world affairs and how it all intertwines.

team people

Dorian Negrilă

Film Director

Top of his class graduate from Romania's world-renowned film school, UNATC. Creative, multitalented, the right amount of crazy, a lean mean production machine.

team people

Ioan Ioniță

Owner and Producer

I'm painfully aware of the cascading convergence of global challenges and the public loss of faith in our governments. That's why I gathered a team of unique folks who share my passion for pursuing new approaches towards communication.

team people

Alex Vărzaru

Researcher and Speechwriter

Our in-house EU affairs expert. Passionate about European integration, with proven political experience. Alex is always looking for innovative ways to further enhance political communication.

team people

Ilinca Petrescu

Communications Strategist

With a sharp talent for cognitive psychology and a keen understanding of the target audience, Ilinca's insights serve as the cornerstone of a project's communication strategy.

team people

Cristi Nicoară


Using the power of music to create an emotional connection to the audience is key. Cristi's flair and versatility as a musical curator help bring our video productions to life.

team people

Diana Pătrașcu

Graphic Designer

Much like a picture, a drawing can tell a thousand words and evoke profound emotions. Diana's background in psychology perfectly complements her artistic talent.

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